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  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Nutrient-Rich Green Superfood
  • Nature’s Pure Multi-Vitamin


Considered to be the most complete food source known to man, Spirulina is a staple in the diet of elite level athletes around the world. Studies have shown Increased Fat Burning, Improved Physical Endurance and Lowered Cholesterol to name just a few. It is a whole food and is in its natural state. Also a natural detoxifier and has even been used to treat those who have been exposed to radiation.


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Spirulina improves immune function, supplies Eye-Health nutrients (10x that of carrots), has potent Anti-Inflammatory activity and helps balance pH levels. It has 26x the calcium of milk and has high levels of vitamins and minerals.

From an Anti-Aging standpoint, Spirulina has 4x the Anti-Oxidant potency of blueberries with 24,000 µmolTE/100g and has the only known source of the blue pigment Phycocyanin; a powerful free-radical fighter that helps to protect DNA. Spirulina contains SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase) an enzyme that is 3500x more powerful than Vitamin C.

ALLMAX Spirulina is naturally free of Soy, Gluten and Dairy and is produced in a cGMP registered facility. ALLMAX selects only the highest quality material. Our Spirulina is certified Kosher, is Non-GMO and is free of pesticides and solvents with ZERO additives or fillers.

Available in Canada Only.

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  1. Patience Rye

    I’ve been adding this product in my Cytogreens drink every morning and it’s a perfect addition to my routine. Added antioxidants are necessary to stay healthy. This is a fabulous product!!!!

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1 Scoop daily (5 g per day). Add 1 serving to water (150-180 ml) and blend or add to your favorite smoothie. Refrigerate after opening to maximize potency and freshness.



Spirulina is a blue-green algae considered by many to be the most complete food source known to man and the ultimate Superfood for optimal health.


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