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• Liver Detoxification
• Support Liver Health
• Source of Anti-Oxidants

TUDCA (Tauroursodexoycholic acid) is a little known ingredient that can rapidly improve your liver function! TUDCA is a component of your bile acid. Your body only produces a small amount, but through oral supple­mentation you can easily increase the amount of TUDCA in your body.

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In your body TUDCA is made through a microbial process. Bile salts are released into your intestines through your liver bile duct. Then the microbes in your gut metabolize the bile salts into Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). Later it is connected to a Taurine molecule to create TUDCA.

Bile Flow – TUDCA helps remove what’s jamming your liver bile duct from flowing. Some studies show that supplementing with TUDCA can help get bile moving up to 250% more! TUDCA increases bile release but it also improves the quality of the bile itself, directly benefiting your liver cells. There is a higher amount of the bile salts for the microbes in your intestines to create more of your own TUDCA.

Mitochondria In Your Liver Tissue – When your liver bile duct is blocked, your liver starts to die from the inside out on a cellular level. When your liver can’t dump its pollutants to be hauled away by your intestines, a mas­sive amount of free radicals are produced in your liver cells. The mitochondria of these liver cells are under attack from all the reactive oxygen species. It makes it impossible for them to do their job of folding proteins correctly. Liver cells are programmed to die once they can’t do their jobs effectively. TUDCA helps to main­tain the proper folding process, reduces free radicals, and stops your liver cells from programmed cell death.

Liver Enzymes – When your liver is under high stress because of a blocked bile duct, your liver enzymes can elevate significantly. Another TUDCA benefit is lowering these liver enzymes. One study showed that even a modest TUDCA dose will lower your liver enzymes in as little as two months.

Liver Bile Duct – Your liver releases ATP into bile when it is healthy. If your liver cells are dysfunctional, they can’t fill your bile with ATP, but TUDCA helps deliver ATP into the bile liquid. This is important because ATP in the bile gives your bile duct cells added protection and prevents them from becoming damaged or scarred as the liver dumps dangerous chemicals to be taken away by your stools

Intestines – If your liver bile duct isn’t working properly, your intestine function is going to be effected nega­tively. Your blocked bile duct can lead to: intestinal inflammation, changed gene expression in the gut, leaky gut, altered gut microbiome, increased insulin resistance, damage and loss of microvilli. TUDCA has been researched and has been shown to help with all of these potential issues.

Additionally certain drugs can chemically alter your bile flow, bile quality, and liver enzyme count, TUDCA can significantly support your liver in these situations.

3 reviews for TUDCA

  1. Joe Rubino

    Tudca! Best product by far on the market for liver wellness. Everyone touts milk thistle and NAC but they fail in comparison. As a 50 year old bodybuilder, I put my body through a lot. The amt of food, a list supplements, my share of anti inflammatory agents like Ibuprofen etc. Those take a toll on your liver over time. By taking TUDCA, I have brought my liver enzyme readings (ALT, AST) down to 41-42 from lingering int the 60s. Proof is in the pudding, TUDCA is a must for daily liver health.

  2. Matt Kouba

    Tudca is the number 1 ingredient on the market for actually IMPROVING liver function and optimizing liver health. And with ALLMAX – you know you’re getting exactly what is listed on the label as far as potency and quality. Instead of going with another company and “hoping” that the product actually contains what it says it does – I always know 100% what I’m getting with Allmax!! Thanks for making this great product!

  3. Alberto Montoya

    I was Beyond excited when allmax released their tudca. Tudca is probably THE BEST supplement for supporting your liver AND regenerating it. Me when you know it’s made by allmax, you know it’s quality. Some companies go the cheaper route and put inferior ingredients, not allmax!

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Take 1 Capsule twice a day.


Liver D-TOX is a potent combination of clinically proven herbal extracts in their most pure and potent form along with powerful Vitamin Antioxidants such as Vitamins C & E and Selenium. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystein) is so potent that it is used in cases of Liver Toxicity due to Acetaminophen.

As athletes, we put our livers through a lot and depend heavily on it for everything from protein digestion to blood toxin cleansing. If you want to perform at the highest levels, you owe it to yourself to do a 21-day Liver D-TOX.

Use for 3 weeks (21 days) to see beneficial effects. Adults take 1 pill 2 times per day.


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